Network Design Final Project Template

Network Design Final Project Template

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Network Design Final Project Template

Use this template to complete the final project and compile the pieces completed in Weeks Two through Nine. Remove this page and use the next page as the first page of your project.


Randy Elliott
IT 230
Duuna Richardson
August 11th, 2008



The design of a WAN (Wide Area Network) is needed for the business functionality and success for all office branches. The offices need to be connected, in order to conveniently and successfully transfer information and data at an advanced rate. The technologies for the best performance and cost effective system has been designed.
A T1 cable should provide enough bandwidth for a company. T1 cables provide fast and efficient data transfer. Due to the cheaper of costs a Packet switching WAN will be used. Packet switching is where packets are routed between nodes over data links shared with other traffic. Packet switching allows data to route over any many different routes. This allows the data to be broke apart and travel on different routes. The key of Packet switching is putting the data back in the correct order when it arrives.
Each individual office will be made up LANs. The LANs will be made up of star topologies. The star network topology connects computers, printers, servers and other elements at one central location called a cross-connect or hub. A star network places a hub in the center of the network nodes. Groups of data are routed through the central hub to their destinations. This theme has an advantage in that the hub monitors traffic and prevents collisions, and a broken connection does not affect the rest of the network.
All of the technologies provided will give all the necessary tools for each office to communicate and transfer data at a speed to keep up with the technological world. The inner

office technologies and the...

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