Ch. 73 Working w/Culturally Diverse Students to Improve School Performance
Possible self—hopes that youth have regarding their dreams and hope There is a positive/negative states. The self that pass the alegebra test ; the self that did not lose weight.

Proximal possible-self---closer goals i.e. graduating high school
Racial/ethnic identity—when academics is part of your culture, you will succeed in school. Education is ingrained at early age.

Possible self can influence your behavior. If you don’t see your self going to college, then you will say why study if I am not going to college.


School to Job Program aims promote to develop of the possible self
1) Helping youth articulate their goals—near future and long term goals
2) Increase concern about school and efficacy in the context of racial/ethnic identity
3) Developing culturally appropriate active listening and positive communication
Steps are given for the 9 sessions—conducted in small groups/the human nod
1—create a positive sense of group membership
2—imagining what life would be like
3—establishing a timeline for reaching goals
4—problem solving component; dealing with academic problems
5—Optional sessions for community members and parents
Develop communication schools. Ask parents to communicate with their about their career choices.
6—identify gaps and knowledge between school and jobs

Chp. 83 LGBT
How youth have suffered a lot of psychological distress and school problems. In terms of SW, need to explore with client—need to be askable. As SW, need to explore your own biases. If you have a problem working with LGBT youth, need to figure out how to work with the population. When asking about their sexuality, need to know their social issues
Best Practice with LGBT
Confidentiality—not discuss student’s sexual orientation to parent or school personnel.
Not to assume that their problem is related to LGBT.
Be able to say Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual,...

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