The growing use of the wireless network has grown as time progress Nevertheless, wireless network security has also become the limelight in organisation. This project aims to create an intrusion detection or intrusion prevention system to provide another security solution for those organizations. This report describes what system was developed to solve this problem, how it was achieved, and what was achieved.


1.1 Background

The company has just set up an enterprise wireless network. It is to cater for both sets of employees and guest users.

The company is very concerned that the wireless network is weak against hackers and they might steal sensitive and important company’s information when being transmitted through open air medium.

Moreover, the current wireless network does not prevent unauthorized user from using it and is unable to detect those user that is using the wireless network. Thus, the current wireless network is very vulnerable to multiple threats.

The aim of the solution is to detect unwanted and suspicious activities and prevent unauthorized access to the wireless network in order to keep it secured and to prevent confidential information from being retrieved by unauthorized personal.

1.2 Objectives of System

In order to tackle the problem faced in the background, we have come out with a solution which the main objectives consist of:
• Detect any unwanted and suspicious activities
• Prevent unauthorized access into the wireless network

1.3 IDS

1.3.1 What is a Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS)?

Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) is a system that is able to identify computer system and network intrusions and misuse by gathering and analyzing data. Traditional Intrusion Detection System (IDS) has been developed to detect intrusions and misuse for wired systems and networks. Until recent times where wireless network has been a popular thing among...

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