Nevim Co

Nevim Co

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Unit 1 Starting work
Task 2b (M2)
Anna Badiova
Organizations that I can work for
Hospitality: Radisson Edward Hotel

The purpose of the organization is making people feel special by this they mean paying attention to their guests and understanding them so well that they can anticipate what they want and deliver it to them before they have to ask. This is what makes people feel special - this is what luxury service means at the hotels. By satisfying their guests and keeping every single team member engaged will ensure that their will have a positive cash flow.
According to Framer's the hotel is decorated in the Edwardian style with Persian rugs, brass-railed staircases, chandeliers and hand-painted hardwood furnishings. The bathrooms are marble in each of the 459 rooms. The hotel has 294 standard rooms, 17 suites, 101 deluxe rooms, and 47 single rooms.
Radisson Edwardian Hotels are a collection of luxury hotels in prime locations for example in the heart of London, Birmingham and Manchester. Radisson is one of the biggest hotel companies in the world. It has hotels in 420 different locations in 73 countries
The Radisson hotels are 5* and therefore the customers that they attract are rich and famous. The customers maybe business people, maybe families possible retired people. They could also attract people who want to stay for special reason such as weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries.

Travel: Bmibaby
The purpose of the organization is Bmibaby is a low cost airline. They are in business to carry passengers, cargo and mail on aircraft. One of their aims is to make money and their other aims are to help customer go on holiday.
Bmibaby flies to destinations in Europe from its 40 bases at Birmingham, Cardiff, East Midland and Manchester. They own 12 planes and make 700 flight for a week. Bmibaby flies around Europe to 40 different destinations all year round.
Because there are low cost airlines and their flights are cheap their will attracts...

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