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People are the most important resources of an organisation. They ensure the interaction of financial, industrial, and other resources so that the organisation can function. Nowadays experienced managers realize that he financial reward cannot stay the only kind of an employee encouragement. The employees’ needs should be viewed as an entity that leads to the search of non financial motives. There exist many non financial motives that are connected with the employee’s satisfaction of needs, such as his/her recognition, participation in the decision-making, self-fulfillment, personal growth and others.

The practice shows that the full use of human resources of an organisation is one of the most significant advantages, which allow companies to occupy the leading positions in the world market. The ‘McDonalds’ company flourishes owing to the logical integration of the staff into the problem solving. The company adheres to the principle: ‘The result is done by a man’. ‘McDonalds’ examines its employees as the primary source of progress in the field of quality and productivity. This organisation has based its success on the motivation theories having altered only some aspects of them. ‘McDonalds’ adheres to four simple principles, which give the possibility to increase the performance of its employees:

1. The company must elaborate different systems of motivation for every department.

2. The personnel must have clear and attainable aims. It is better to have one aim per a person.

3. The aims must change: managers should have one aim for half of a year. For example, at first a manager examines the number of clients, then he/she examines the number of returning clients; and then he/she should analyze the increase in business sales. This method gives the possibility to find new abilities of employees and to check new methods of work.

4. The rise of salary amount must be sensible for an employee.

The ‘McDonalds’ company applies three components of the...

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