New Gen

New Gen

A new generation, Part 01.txt


"NOOOO!!" Screamed Harry as he saw what had happened.

Too late. Just a little too late. He promised Tim that he would be
protected, and he failed in that promise.

Rushing to the boy, and throwing a Protego shield around him before
Mr. E could get in a second stroke, Harry hoped, beyond all hope,
that young Tim Hunter was still alive.

"You would protect the one that will become the greatest evil
known?!" The insane blind man shouted at Harry.

Harry had enough and cast a privacy charm, and then cast another
healing spell at the young boy on the ground. He felt for a pulse,
and found one, but it was weak, and getting weaker. Pulling out his
Zippo, he called out, "Doctor, Medical Emergency."

Within seconds, he had a reply. "What's the emergency?"

Harry calmly stated the situation. "I've got a young boy down. He has
a wound to the left side of his chest, pulse is weak and thready,
breathing shallow. I've already cast three healing spells, and it has
barely stabilized him to this degree. I need a solution. Fast."

There wasn't a reply for about thirty seconds, then, "I'm sending
an emergency kit through. Is Kara there? You'll need her help."

"No. Kara isn't here at the moment."

"Get her. I'll wait on the line to advise you what to do."

Harry apparated to where he knew Kara had to be.


On board the Watchtower, Kara was surprised when Mr. Black just
appeared. She then saw what she had in his hands, "Is he okay?"

"No. Doctor, I'm with Kara now."

"Scan the boy, and send me the information." The Doctor said.

Harry did as he was told, and waited for something to help the boy in
front of him.

"OK. Here's the kit. Open it and take the white container on the
right side. You will need 10CC's of your patients blood, and at least
10CC's of Kara's. The more of Kara's blood, the better. Mix them in

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