New Health Care Proposal

New Health Care Proposal


My Proposal for a New System
Jake Camarillo
HCA / 210
Brandi Sillerud

My Proposal for a New System

My vision for a new health care system is one that will offer better quality care
for all Americans at a lower cost of benefits. Today technology and technique advances allow procedures formerly done in hospitals to be performed on an outpatient basis and provide cost-efficient care to the patients. This new health care system that I propose will provide tax credits for small businesses, help for all uninsured Americans and those with pre-existing conditions, and extend coverage for those that may lose coverage based on salary. This system will also allow these individuals to receive proper care within health care facilities by attaining financial resources from grants and cooperative ventures with larger medical centers.
Since small business owners would like to provide health care coverage for their workers I would like to provide the opportunity for these businesses to overcome challenges that they face of the higher percentages for premiums. Because small businesses currently face price increases when someone falls ill or is currently sick I would hope to reduce and ultimately end any price discrimination for these reasons and also the reasons based on their salary within these businesses. Ultimately I would hope to reduce any hidden tax and reduce the premiums in a small business atmosphere.
At the present time within the current health care system there are discriminations among children, uninsured Americans with pre-existing conditions, drops in coverage for those that reach a certain age and the elderly. The greatest challenges for the elderly are the financial challenges with the eventual changes in the health of the elderly their living
situations became more demanding with the need for better assisted care. Challenges other than financial that the elderly face are the placement into long-term care facilities and the...

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