New Jersey Essay

New Jersey Essay

Charissa Serna
ENG 101

Home Sweet Home: New Jersey

New Jersey is one of fifty states in The United States. It is on the northeastern coast bordering the Atlantic Ocean, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware. It is one of the smallest states in the country, but is ranked number one in highest population density. I was born there and lived there my whole life, but it wasn’t until I relocated that I realized the true beauty of the state.

New Jersey (N.J.) has all the different seasons; spring, summer, autumn, and winter. It has all of the characteristics that come with the seasons. If you have ever heard anything about New Jersey, you have probably heard about our humid summers and freezing winters. In the summer, the humidity rises so high that you can almost cut through the air like you would a steak. In the winter, the temperature gets so cold, just being outside for five minutes makes you feel like you are in the beginning stages of hypothermia. The summer is my favorite time of year because you get to go to the many beaches in the Jersey shore, located on the coastal southern part of the state. The beaches are beautiful, but the water is muddy and black, almost like what sewer water looks like. My mother loves the spring season because it is when she gets to start on her garden and yard work for the year. She starts planting all of our favorite vegetables and flowers. The state is known as “The Garden State” for a reason; for it holds some of the most beautiful plant life and gardens you could have ever imagined seeing. Many foreigners complain about the smell of New Jersey on the turnpike in the summer because we get the draft of the garbage being disposed of in New York City, and that smell, mixed with our thick humidity is not a pretty picture. I must admit, to us natives, it is what reminds us that we are home.

New Jersey is home to a few of history’s most prestigious places, like Ellis Island and the Statue of...

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