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Loliya MacHarry

Donald Trump for President?
     With the Republican National Convention slowly approaching the race for the Republican nominee is heating up. Donald Trumps star power is being displayed as he leads the candidates in delegates. Donald Trump is the popular candidate amongst he other competition in the party. With all the success he is having the question still remains if Donald Trump is the man for the job. Running a successful campaign to sway voters in your corner doesn't always result in making someone a fit president.
So far to this date one can say since Donald Trump has the popular vote amongst other he should win the presidency and “Make America Great Again." Being the leader of the most powerful country is a lot harder than running a successful campaign. The title requires more knowledge than just being able to close business deals. When the one is the president of the United States the president has to be able to help all types of people.  Trump has demonstrated that he is against the immigrants and Muslim people who make up a small percentage of the nations population.

    Trump is known for his harsh words that can affect someone's view point of the want to be president. As a politician which he says “he’s not,” insulting your way to the White House won't sit well amongst voters that may have lean his way if with other candidates in his particular party aren't pick for the nomination. For example, the comments he made about people if the Muslim religion was a statement that won't sit well with people who contribute to America's Economy that is Muslim. His comments also can affect relationship with foreign countries that may be our allies who have a high Muslim population.

     What is Donald Trump's stance on foreign policy? That is a major question that the candidate still has yet to lay out. At the debates we hear some accusations of what he wants to do to increase the security of the country but...

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