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body and conclusiondsfdsfsksahdjjkahghj;agj;hfag;lfkandgfadjikamfoijmoijdoijpo''miosjfdshfsfplkd yo wh[ats up i dont understand how this works i need help am i suppoise to just post an essay or waht i need someone to come and help me with this please and why do i have to type out 250 words like thats aso much much but ill do it anyways bc this site looks really cool and later on i will post some real essay sbut right now im not on my right computer so i will post the right essays later and i hope this is enough words because i am tired of typing and talkin to u guys in this essay its so weird like will i get banned from this site or sumthing for this u guys should make is more specific on the sign in page so that people can understand properly. Monk

First of all, it's a good idea to level all your basic skills at Training Grounds. An aco should not be afraid to spam his nove potions, as they will turn to weak once you job change to your first job.

Second, Battle acos are some of the hardest classes to level. It's a requirement to reach Job level 50, and Acos have to use 20 skill points in Divine Protection and Demon Bane just to get their first Monk Skill. Besides, they have no offensive attacks at their disposals.

* Prontera Culvert Tarous and Plankton: 10-20

From level 10 and up, try fighting Tarous and planktons at Culvert level 2. He should watch out for familiars. Bringing some red pots will help him greatly in the first levels. Level his heal up to level 3, then get Inc. Agi 1 for the walking speed.

* Mt. Mjolnir Horns: 20-30

If he sits upon a large pile of money, buy a good amount of red potions and try taking down Horns one map north for the Culvert entrance. Those and Cocos will do good Exp the next ten levels. If he's averagely rich, get him a Stunner for 60k in SW Morroc. He can use it after level 27, and he'll notice a significant difference in ATK. If he's not very rich, try going some more for Tarous. It's...

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