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Book Reviews
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The following are the eight required elements plus the “if applicable” award category for each book review. Keep in mind that we will publish your review on the website. Use the format models to help you set up your document. Please make sure you have proof read and corrected your final copy before you post it in the Blackboard Messages Area.

Required Elements (Do not include the numbers when you submit your review.)
Author - Last Name First Title - Underlined
Illustrator - Last name first, Copyright Date, Number of Pages
Description/Genre - Brief Description of the type of book, ie. Picture Book, Fiction, Nonfiction, Mystery, Fantasy, Biography, Poetry, etc.
Review - In as few words as possible, write an evaluative summary including qualifiers such as excellent, humorous, poignant, well researched, etc.
Curriculum Connections - Suggestions for Classroom Use - Write all the possible curriculum areas to which this book relates. Tell how this book could be used with students.
Awards - If you are award of any awards the book has won, list them here. If not, omit this category.
NYS & Commom Core Standards Connections - Use Common Core Standards for Language Arts, Common Core Standards for Mathematics, and New York State Standards for Social Studies, Science, Technology and other subject areas to provide applicable standards connections and performance indicators for the book.
Recommended Grade Level
Reviewed by - Your Name, School, Position, Date (M/Y)

Format Models

Van Draanen, Wendelin - Secret Identity (Shredderman 1)
Illus. by Brian Biggs, c2004, 138 p.
Description - Realistic Fiction (First Person), Intermediate Grade Chapter Book
Review - What a great book! Nolan (aka Nerd) Byrd adopts a secret identity in order to seek revenge on the 5th grade class bully...Alvin (aka Bubba) Bixby. The story is a little far fetched, but believable and the outcome...

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