New Product Development

New Product Development

City University of Hong Kong

Group innovation Report
New product development to market

Group Member:

Liu Tsz Chun (senior manager of innovation Department)
Chan lok man
Lam Tai sin
Cheung chi wing
Lai hong man


ABC super group

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 3
2.1 Introduction
2.2 An innovation product
2 Product development lifecycle gantt chart 7
3 Product requirements specification 9
4.3 Target audience
4.4 Detail of Questionnaire
4.5 Requirement specification
4.6 Reflective form questionnaire
4 Design of product prototype 11
5.7 The underlying technology
5.8 The interface designs
5 Marketing 13
6.9 Objective
6.10 Marketing mix
6.11 Marketing strategy and plan
6 Summary 16
7 Referencing 16

1 Introduction
Hi, everyone. I am Liu Tsz Chun; I am a senior manager of innovation department. My company name is ABC super group. My company requires me and my team members to innovation a new product and development to market. We have been asked to develop a report on the investigation, design and prototype of a innovation product for current technology. We need to considerations to the product, the process of New Product development and marketing value.

1.1 Aim and Objective

We are now very hard to develop a new product and discuss how to product to market place. We aim to use current technology in an innovation a new product so that it turns into robust and reliable profit-making products and services and provide a good result to customers. Our objective is continuing training and provides a best technology for most...

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