New Product Launch Strategies – Initiating Market Entry with Sound Strategies and Tactics

New Product Launch Strategies – Initiating Market Entry with Sound Strategies and Tactics

“Product launch strategies and tactics are the keys to a successful market entry and can impact product performance for years down the road.

The launch of a product on a strong trajectory can mean exponential growth; however lost opportunities at the entry of a product to a market can necessitate re- launch and re-branding activities which can be costly and cumbersome. Additionally, these “Plan B” tactics are not always effective. Successful product launch strategies start with the assessment of market size and potential as well as an understanding of the key market challenges.

This consultancy style report provides a summary of the important strategic and tactical factors to consider when launching a new pharmaceutical product. Beginning with an historical review of the changing landscape for product marketing in pharma, this report covers various factors for consideration. Several product launch scenarios are included to provide insight into best practices and successful strategies and tactics used in launching a new product.

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– Shifting Paradigms in Pharmaceutical Product Launches
– Case studies reviewing launch Strategies Applicable to Select Market Scenarios
– Pre launch activities and post launch impact

Key Reasons to Purchase

– Support the development of your launch strategy through CBR’s insight and analysis assessing the key factors of a successful launch
– Identify where & how the pharmaceutical landscape has changed and what it will mean for future product launches
– Ensure that your product launch team is utilizing the appropriate tactics & data sources to boost launch returns
– Utilize our case study analysis to best support your product’s launch scenario
– Understand how to best prepare for your product’s launch early in the planning process enabling you to achieve the most revenue possible
– Hear directly from multiple pharmaceutical & agency executives around new...

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