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Ebony L. White

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Ebony White

Business ethic


New Protocol


For many years, the prices of Health Insurance steadily increased to a point were many Americans could no longer afford it. This included Prescription drugs. Prescription Drugs rose so high that many Americans without coverage choose to go either out of the country or on the internet for their Prescriptions. As you will read, i will be talking about the prescription drug Thalidomide in how the John Jackson chief executives of Celgene raise the price of the drug Thalidomide.

I don’t agree with the rising the price of the drug Thalidomide because everyone don’t have insurance and they may not quantify for the Celgene’s free drug program. The ability to price medicine ever higher has helped fund the pharmaceutical company and help the research and development programs which indeed bring new medicines to patients. It also fills the pockets of some companies and the executives. What about the patients that has to pay for the prescription in is on a fix income. Yes I know that Celgene has a drug free program that if you earn $38,000 a year and also have assets of less than $10,000 then you may qualify, if you have insurance the program don’t apply to you. I feel the only reason they want to raise the price so that the executives can get higher pay. Who is really thinking about the people. I feel that they should keep the drug cost at the same rate as when they first bought the drug on the market. It petty funny how this same drug is being sold in other countries that may not have all the funds that the U.S has in the prescription drug is three time cheater over there. There is not real reason why they should rise the price of this drug. I feel that this is not fair for people that may have insurance and may still be on a monthly income restriction. Mary Lou Wright a retired insurance agent in Harrisonburg,...

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