New Testament Summaries

New Testament Summaries

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The book of Mathew is of the gospel type. It is the first book of the New Testament. Mathew himself was a tax collector. He was also one of the 12 apostles. The theme of this book is to show that Jesus is one of us, and a holy anointed one. Also that Jesus is the chosen messiah. These books tell of all the miraculous accomplishments of Jesus and how he helped so many people. The book starts off stating the miraculous birth of our savior, to the virgin mother Mary, and to her husband Joseph. It also tells that John the Baptist was the one who baptized him. A main point I took from this book was that when people would ask him how to enter heaven. He would reply by saying to give your riches to the poor and to help them, and to always follow him and believe in God. In this book Jesus also says that the only unforgivable sin is to reject the Lord.


The book of Mark is a gospel genre. The book of Mark starts with a small part of Jesus birth and ends with the death of Jesus. Mark calls Jesus the anointed one showing that he was above the rest of them. In Mark chapter one Jesus shows his holiness by healing a man possessed by the evil. Jesus says be quite, and get out of him. The demon is vanquished and many people are amazed while some still doubt his power. In chapter five Mark discusses of a time when a bleeding woman touches Jesus’s clothing and Jesus said she is healed through her pure faith. Also in this chapter Jesus travels to Jarius’s house to help a sick girl. When he gets there everyone says the girl is dead, but Jesus says not to worry that she is just asleep. The girl then wakes up after Jesus tells her too. In chapter 8 Mark tells that Jesus feeds a group of over 4000 with only 7 loafs of bread and there are even baskets left over. Also in this chapter Jesus tells his disciples that he must be persecuted and put to death but he will then rise in three days. Another miracle is mentioned in Mark chapter 9. Jesus heals a possessed boy...

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