New Testament

New Testament

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The Gospel According to Mark second book of the New Testament, is one of the four canonical gospels and the three synoptic gospels. Mark tells of the ministry of Jesus from his baptism by John the Baptist to his death and burial and the discovery of the empty tomb. It portrays Jesus as a heroic man of action and miracle worker. Jesus keeps his identity secret, and conceals it in parables. Mark was a Second Century Bishop named Papias who wrote sometime between 60-70 AD in Rome when Christians were being persecuted there.
The Kingdom of God is set up on earth in and through Jesus. Mark includes more miracle accounts than parables in his Gospel because miracles show more vividly God’s power breaking out on the earth against the reign of evil.

Do you find that some passages in Mark have a special significance for us living today? Say why you think this is so.
Jesus used parables to teach a concept or idea by using word pictures. By depicting concepts, the message is not lost to changes in word usage, technology, cultural context, or the passage of time. Today we can still understand concepts.
Mark 1:16-20 The Calling of the First Disciples
When called to follow Jesus, Peter and the other disciples immediately dropped everything, willing to put their lives on hold and tried to be loyal even when they did not understand.

The disciples make good role models for Christians today because they did not question their calling from God. ‘At once they left their nets and went with him’. The fishermen responded immediately to Jesus leaving behind their family, friends and livelihood to begin on their mission with Jesus to spread the word of God and heal sick people.

They promised that they would be loyal to Jesus until death. When Jesus predicted Peter’s denial, Peter promised that he would never deny knowing Jesus, “I will never say that even if I have to die with you”. This sets a good example to Christians today in that they are encouraged to stay loyal to...

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