news article analysis

news article analysis


By: Tonika Dorsey
MGMT 315

In the article I reviewed Dunbar Armored car company just announced that they
will be laying 100 employees of at their White Marsh, MD location. Although they’re laws
protecting MD employees from illegal layoffs they do not apply in this situation. In MD most
companies are “at will”, which means that employers could legally fire someone without reason.
As long as the employer follows state and federal laws regarding discrimination and
whistleblowing etc…, they are fully within the legal right to let the person go. In this case
Dunbar notified its employees 30 days in advance and are attempting to get most of them
employment in other companies.

In an apparent effort to reduce costs Dunbar’s top Officials has decided to layoff
employees in certain departments. Layoffs affects all employees not just the ones that are laid-
off. The remaining employees may have to perform extra duties or required to do overtime. HR
managers have to assist with working to identify the factors that led to the decision to downsize,
the solution and evaluating the resources left to handle it.

The practices of HR management is also affected by layoffs. Layoffs slows or
stops the hiring process, compensation assessments, and having to change its role in guiding
corporate strategy. The effects of layoffs are devastating on employees, families and in some
cases entire communities even the prospect of layoffs can provoke job dissatisfaction and job
related anxiety. HR managers should consider all cost reduction and adjustments methods and
attempt to pursue all other options and alternatives before making the decision to lay people off.

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