Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks

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The Notebook

I read The Notebook, by Nicolas Sparks. It is about a guy named Noah, and a girl named Ally. He wasn't wealthy like Ally, but they ended up falling in love with each other. Her parents do not approve of him, and tell her she cannot see him anymore. Ally doesn't listen to her parents, and goes along still loving Noah. They went off to an old rundown mansion, and planed to fix it up as their dream house. She wanted it to be white, with blue shutters, and a place where she could paint. Noah and Ally wanted to be together, for the rest of their lives. When the end of the summer came, Ally had to go off to college far away. Noah was devastated; he wouldn't be able to see her for a long time. He wrote everyday to Ally, for 365 days. Noah got no reply, and decided to write one last farewell letter. Seven years later he finished the house, and he did everything the way they planed it would be. While Noah was getting of with his life, Ally found another love. His name was Lon, but this time her parents approved of him because of his wealth.

They were engaged, and planed to be together forever. While Ally and her mother were in the bridal store trying on dresses, her mother showed her the picture in the paper of Noah and the house he had fixed up. Ally fainted, and her mother was afraid she would go back to him. The next day she drove to the town where Noah lived, and stopped at his house. Noah and Ally fell back in love, but Ally was still engaged to Lon. She had no idea what to do, so she went to Lon's office and had a talk with him. She hadn't told him about Noah yet. The next day Ally went to Noah's again, and this time Ally's mother came by and caught them. Her mother then told Lon about it, and he said you either let me shoot him, let me beat him, or I would leave you. She had no idea what she was going to say, because she loved them both. She then picked Noah to be with, and they ended up spending the rest of their lives together. Later on in life...

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