Nickel and Dimed

Nickel and Dimed

Introduction: Barbara Enhrenrich experiments with working in the low-wage workforce . On one observation she makes is when she worked for Wal-mart how the employees are treated no one being able to talk with each other, standing around not working is time thief.

Thesis: How do companies attempt to reshape and to mold the employees they have hired? By breaking them down to think like they do. “They talk about having spirit” she says referring to management, “but they don’t give us any reason to have any spirit”. 184

Point: They try to take away their individuality. To those who don’t play by the rules, write ups are waiting . So many write ups and then your fired. They hire other that they can shape and mold and the cycle continues…

Information: For those who stand for what they believe in, are watched to make sure that no one attempt to change their beliefs onto other employees . They work employees in other department to keep them in check. They watch over their shoulders to make sure you are doing what you are suppose to.

Explanation: Ehrenreich proves this when her fellow employee “Melissa gets banished to bras” 180. She saw first handed how they treat their employees. They think that they can influence you with snacks instead of bonus.

Conclusion: Employees are still being shaped and molded into the “model” employee. They have other people waiting for jobs They do not care about losing one, that is why they need to follow the rules so their jobs are not in jeopardy

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