Nietzche vs. Hitler

Nietzche vs. Hitler

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Friedrich Nietzche philosophy can be misconstrued very easily when comparing him to political leaders such as Adolf Hitler. One problem is noted simply with Nietzche himself believing that science, philosophy, and even religion had within their structures a secret hidden agenda. This hidden agenda is the will to power, and whenever we call scientist, religious leaders, and philosophers we grant them the power. The distinction that is maintained between good and evil is held in moderation by the basis of power.

A second important factor is religious beliefs. Nietzche renounced all religion. Friedrich’s atheistic perspective helps him to diagnose that the Christian system of values produces a reactionary movement against life. Juxtaposing Nietzche to Hitler we notice a great difference in religious views. Adolf was a formal member of the Catholic Church. Also Hitler used his religious affiliation to fortify his standings within the German parliament. The religious affiliation granted Adolf the opportunity to carry out the genocide of the Jewish people, knowing they killed the (Christian) savior.

Nietzche’s naturally occurring superhuman race of beings, also known as Ubermensch, would provide the solutions required for humanity. The Ubermensch would realize that God did provide meaning for a past lifetime, but that lifetime has past and therefore the idea of God is now dead. God has no real relevance in providing values. The Ubermensch would develop values on the basis of love for the world and for life.

Hitler believed in a strict hierarchy amongst humans. The Aryan race is the Nazi ideology that incorporates a ruling European white supremacy society. The Indo-European language unites this master race. Through extreme measures, such as sterilization and euthanasia programs, Hitler and the Nazi party hoped to eliminate all other impurities from his ideal race. Through selective breeding and overtime the Aryan blonde hair, blue eyed, athletically inclined...

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