Nike Analysis

Nike Analysis

The overall attractiveness of the market is the need for innovative products. Customers are looking for companies that are producing the latest technology and gadgets. For example, Apple comes out with a new iPhone every 1 -2 years with new features and designs. Customers have stood outside to buy the latest iPhones because it’s the latest technology. Companies that response to demand quickly, are competitive, and have a great work environment will become more attractive in the market as well. In order to be competitive with the competition companies would have to be ahead of the new product that haven’t came out. Some problems that may occur would be overlapping the value proposition with competitors.

I believe Sony could definitely carve out a portion of the market as an analyzer through differentiation. The release of Playstation 4 and any future gaming consoles can help them achieve this. No competitors such as Samsung, LG, Apple, and Toshiba manufacture gaming consoles. Sony is a trusted, well-known brand that has been known to offer high-end products with high prices. They are shifting their focus towards value-added electronics in their three core businesses in imaging, gaming, and mobile (Communications). Technology is constantly advancing, so to stay on top of consumer trends they must continue to invest heavily in R&D. Samsung invests 5.7 percent of its revenue in R&D (Nisen). This has produced innovative electronics such as smart phones and televisions. This has resulted in $188.37 billions dollars (Epperson). Innovation is necessary for differentiation.

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