Nine Aspects of Concrete Batching Plant

Nine Aspects of Concrete Batching Plant

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Concrete batching plant, the main parts should include the Concrete Mixing system, aggregate supply system, metering system, control system and matched equipments .Concrete Mixing maintenance became the greatest concern for concrete mixing plant industry ,because it relates to the work efficiency and service life of concrete mixing station:

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1, check the commercial concrete mixing plant whether the overheating of the motors, electrical appliances, unusual noise, the instrument indicates whether the normal signal or not.

2, regular checks and adjusts Concrete Mixing cylinders, butterfly valve and solenoid valve, turned on and off to meet the requirements.

3, to ensure the concrete batching plant and the surrounding environment clean.

4. Timely removal of the plot material within the hopper, the sensor normal back to zero.

5, check the commercial concrete mixing plant lubrication points, lubricants adequacy lubricator in the gas system should maintain a sufficient amount of oil.

6, Regular checks of commercial concrete mixing station system hollow block machine, such as tainted ash, gas leakage brick making machine, such soil spills and leakage phenomenon timely processing!

7. Clear concrete mixer and hopper every four hours, in order to avoid residual concrete consolidation impede the normal operation.

8, each shift should let go of water of concrete mixing plant air compressor, air tank and internal filter, and the exclusion of the failures in the run.

9, butterfly valves cement batching plant, concrete mixer, solenoid valve, air filter and lubricator maintain them in...

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