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Any company is only as good as the individuals who bring it to life. Businesses do not provide services, make products or resolve problems…Employees do. Nissan (2013) "The power comes from inside." This simple expression is familiar to every one of Nissan’s employee’s and it is a great fact.
During this case study I’m going to talk about Nissan’s products for example the Infinity Brand and how it relates to particular target segment and apply my research to prove whether it does so in a good way or a bad way. Also I am going to talk about the Nissan Leaf product and how it links to other aspects of the marketing mix also known as the 4 P’s.
Consider the introduction of the Infiniti Brand by Nissan and discuss how this sub-brand relates to a particular target segment for Nissan?
Market segmentation, is when you group various customers into segments that will react similarly and have the same requirements to a marketing action. Each segment will react to a different marketing mix strategy with all offering alternative growth and profit opportunities. There are different ways in which you can segment your market such as:
* The characteristics of the customer for example gender, age, income bracket and cultural background.
* Customer’s behaviour for example shopping centre customers, brand preferences and online shoppers.
These are the obvious ways in which you can segment your market, you can also segment your market based on lifestyles and continent. Small Bizz (2013)
* “Psychographics which refers to the customer group's lifestyle. For example, their social class, lifestyle, personality, opinions, and attitudes.
* Geographical location such as continent, country, state, province, city or rural that the customer group resides.”
Companies will engage in segmentation to:
Tutour2u (2013)
* “Develop different strategies to different parts of the market
* Tailor marketing mix to meet the needs of distinct...

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