Students are expected to:
• Undertake a strategic audit of the organisation in order to assess its ability to deliver its business and marketing strategy.
• Make strategic choices and decisions based on that audit within the context of a dynamic global market place.
• Focus on the tools for strategic decision making, including financial and risk analysis for each decision.

Final project will consist of three distinct but interlinked parts:
• Part 1: The Strategic Audit
• Part 2: The Strategic Options
• Part 3: Making Strategic Marketing Decisions

Results evaluation:
• Task One: Worth 20 marks
• Task Two: Worth 10 marks
• Task Three: Worth 10 marks
Final results: 40 marks
The Final Project shall be submitted in e:copy before the date of Final exam. Each team has to present their project on ppt format to the other groups on the day of the Final exam. Each team is given not more than 15 minutes to present key findings (based on Part 1) and highlight the key recommendations (based on the Part 3).

Tasks details

Task 1. Prepare an Audit
• Students will need to undertake a strategic marketing audit of the Company to analyse its current market position, strategy and key factors impacting success and growth, including consideration of competitive positioning, competitive advantage and value creation.
• Typical contents/analysis: PESTEL, Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT, Stakeholder Analysis, Brand Equity, McKinsey’s 7s, Cultural Web, Porter’s Generic Strategies, Ansoff’s Matrix, BCG Matrix, Value Chain Analysis, Core Competences, Risk Assessment/Scenario Planning, Financial Performance Indicators etc.
• The analysis should be limited to six pages
• The analysis should start with a brief introduction
• The analysis should be strategic instead of tactical

Task 2. The Strategic Options
• Students will need to critically evaluate the Company’s strategy, using appropriate measures, its contribution towards increasing the organization’s...