No Criticism Is Good Criticism

No Criticism Is Good Criticism

Thank you for giving the chance to stand there and show my speech. Today,my topic is Does Criticism Do More Harm Than Good to People? We are criticized every day. As soon as you request other people's opinions, you're asking to be evaluated, which is essentially asking to be criticized. Is constructive criticism really constructive? Or is it actually destructive?

Let’s do a quick survey. If you like being criticized and want more criticism heaped upon you every day from everyone in your life, please raise your hand. Anybody? Anyone? Hmmm it seems that nobody wants more criticism. And it is obvious that criticism does more harm than good to people.

The reason for this is not for to seek.
Firstly, criticism can demotivate the person from moving forward. Let’s see a short film.
(video 1)
This movie indicates to us that criticism holds up progress. Everything is hard at the beginning.You have just started a new cause, needing encouragement and support, yet criticism is there pouring a jar of cold water or blowing a gust of chilly wind, making you worried or perplexed.

Another reason is that some times a criticism can lower the confidence of a person. The next movie will prove it.
(video 2)
Sorry, there were some mistakes appeared when the videos were merged. I tried to fix it, but I failed. Let’s continue.
In my opinion, the most reason that Harry was not good at Potions is Snape had been always criticizing him. As we all know, he never wanted to fill it with Potions until Slughon taught Potions. And he began to have the confidence of studying Potions.

A third reason may be that deliberate criticism is very popular in modern society to achieve the selfish motives. The critic may be unhappy and unfulfilled in their own lives. Their self-esteem may need a boost, so they lash out at others and “cut them down to size” in an unconscious attempt to bolster their own self image. Let’s see the final film.
(video 3)
In this story, we know Snape hate...

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