No Easy Day

No Easy Day

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The book No Easy Day is written By “Mark Owen” which is a pen name for a navy SEAL who was on SEAL team 6 during operation “Geronimo”. This book is written about his career as a Navy SEAL and his preparation for the mission that killed Osama Bin Laden. This book’s plot is the event leading up to this mission and the effects of the mission once the team got back. Besides operation “Geronimo” No Easy Day includes other mission like the one that saved Captain Phillips.

This book starts out with Owen’s training on Green Team which is the prerequisite to getting on to SEAL team 6. This is a nine month test made to weed out the losers and only the best will move on to DEVGRU. The SEALs he was competing with came from all the other teams and were the top operators in those units. The Green team is so hard that there is a pre-screening to even qualify. Mark talks about the training and such that it took to get to the “second deck” of the command for DEVGRU and is off limits until graduation. This is the reward for the SEALs trying out for DEVGRU.

Later in the book Owen talks about his missions as a SEAL. He explains about the preparation and execution of the missions. Of the missions that DEVGRU is assigned none of them are similar. One mission in the book is a raid of an Al Queda compound, which requires for Mark and his team to rap around the back while the rest of the squad invades from the front of the compound. The catch is that to get to this compound the SEALs had to walk a couple of miles up hill, so Mark decides to not wear his plates. The next mission is the rescue of the captain of the ocean liner that was captured by Somalia pirates. Mark describes how his team captured one of the pirates to help convince the other 3 to come above deck then the snipers killed them all. These two missions show how DEVGRU is called upon to do any and all missions that there is no room for mistakes.

The final half of the book is dedicated to the events and the actual...

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