No More Drama

No More Drama


A ll through 2008 I have fell in and out of drama with a whole lot

of girls. that is why I can relate to mary j blige and her song NO MORE

DRAMA. I can tell you that every time that song came on my tears just

started to builded up. Broken heart again another lesson learned . That i

know your friends or else you will get burned. Being a young lady my age

you try to experaince new things such as boyfriend and new friends.

These word that I underline means a lot to me because i have been

broken hearted by one of my favorite little cousins. so now i learned who

my true family and friends are. i stop talking to my cousin for about 9

months because i tell her everything and went through almost everything

with her. Dont get me wrong i love my cousin to death, but i let things

between my and her slide one to many times so i wanted her to feel the

pain i felt.

I dont know only god knows where the story ends for me , but i know

where the story begins. it's up to us to choose weather we win or lose and i

choose to win. now i have learned to realize life is to short to not give

people chances to. Some people change and some people dont. it really

dont hurt to try and give it another shot. i have lost a couple people in my

life that i never got to say my goodbyes or my sorrys and i dont want to go

on to much longer. so all i really want to say is that no more drama means i

want to be free from all this drama in my life. i am to young to stress the

small things and to old to get in trouble for the dumb things. i really love

my life without the stress so like mary j blige would say" no more drama

because i am tired off all this drama."

by Alesha Mutts

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