No Rose for Anybody

No Rose for Anybody

Jason heads to his hometown of Seattle with the five remaining Bachelorettes. He'll have one group date and two one-on-one dates, but there won't be a rose on any of them.

Jason eagerly greets Ty after a week apart. "Not being around Ty is like not having part of my heart," he says. He needs to see who among the five women are right not just for him, but for his son as well.

The women arrive at their luxury hotel, where they all greet him enthusiastically. Melissa is ecstatic to be getting the first date of the week with Jason. "Let's hit the town in style," reads the note. Naomi is upset because she's the only one of the group who hasn't yet had a one-on-one date and was expecting to finally get one.

Melissa preps for the big night, and Ty helps get his dad ready. But when it's time for Jason to leave, Ty doesn't want his father to go. Jason has a big date planned -- dinner at the Space Needle and a helicopter ride to a beautiful waterfall -- but he pulls the plug. Instead, he calls Melissa and asks if she wants to come over and spend a casual night with him and Ty instead of having an elaborate night on the town. She tells him that's absoutely okay.

The rest of the women are jealous when they realize that Melissa will likely be the first to meet Ty.

Melissa arrives at Jason's and finds a note that says he's putting Ty to bed. She cleans up the toys and leftover pizza while Jason reads Ty a bedtime story. She decided not to change so she could get there sooner, but she brought her "stretchy pants" and a T-shirt to change into.

Jason tells her he's not ready for her to meet Ty yet, but he lets her peek in as Ty sleeps. "I feel very privileged," she says of getting to see his son.

Melissa tells Jason what to expect if he comes to visit her in Dallas and they kiss by the fireside. He asks if she had a good night, and she says, it was "fantastic" and that she's happy with how things turned out. "I'm so in love with Jason now," she says later....

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