No Title 21334

No Title 21334

Jock, Nerd, Goth, Prep, Loser or immigrant, alien. In South Florida, in the fall of 2002, I saw only two options: join, conform and belong, or be an outcast. But American, Nerd, Prep, I found myself consistently struggling to fit within a group.

Early on in my high school career, I took a Biology course that has changed my life. Mr. Gottfried took me under his wing, and helped me discover who I truly am. He showed me how to appreciate my unique background and accepted for being different than others. I learned to accept myself as an individual, and that it did not matter what everyone else was doing. Mr. Gottfried method of teaching brings the simplicity of adapting to complex matters.

Instead of just lectures and home reading assignments, we do lab work simulations, activities on the computer and labs to help us thoroughly learn the fundamental concepts. He stays very late if we need help. He also has a website that post links that can help us on our assignments and for us to better understand the material. He has a message board on his website that we can use to ask other student's questions and we can also email him and he will always respond.

During my senior year, I took AP biology with Mr. Gottfried and began volunteering at Villa Maria Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center after school. I now provide administrative assistance to nurses and interact daily with patients. And after my advanced biology course with Mr. Gottfried, I was fortunate enough to participate in a summer program at Johnson and Johnson Cordis, Miami. I worked at the Quality Assurance laboratory, conducting research and testing stents cataders used to clear clots

I greatly valued the lessons I have learned from my teachers, work and classmates. I am confident that my past experiences and sincere dedication to success in both program will prepared me for my future path (medical school). I look forward to the challenge and reward in engaging in the vast...

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