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No way

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Shemekia Cunningham
BA 452
Segment Four

Page 206

1. Strategy formulation in a small organization is differ from a large organization because they are more informal.
Strategy formulation in a nonprofit organization is used more effectively than profit organization because they depend more on outside financing.

2. Recent examples of market penetration- Japanese electronics giant Sony Corporation is spending over $140 million in a new advertising and promotion drive to market its high-defintion television sets in the U.S.

Recent example of market development- Adidas, who already has 1,500 stores in China, plans to open another 40 stores every month in China for the next 40 months.

Recent example of product development- Wendy’s is testing fruit cups and milk as options in its kids’ meals.

3. Recent example of forward integration- Budget Rent-a- Car is opening car rental shops in Wal-Mart stores.

Recent example of backward integration- Hotels, Inc. purchased a furniture producer.

Recent example of horizontal integration- Federated Deparment Stores, the parent of Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, acquired May Department stores.

4. Recent example of concentric diversification- UPS acquired Overnite to diversify its packaging business into the trucking business.

Recent example of conglomerate diversification- Tupperware Corp., has entered and is growing its skin and beauty business through BeautiControl.

5. Recent example of Joint Venture- Burger King joined forces with Hungry Jacks in Australia.

Recent example of retrenchment- Viacom is selling noncore assets including its theme parks, publishing business, radio stations, and movie theaters.

Recent example of divestiture- Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. sold its North
American farm-tire business to Titan Internationa

Recent example of liquidation- MG Rover Group Ltd., liquidated in 2005 and laid off its 5,000 employees.


9. Nonprofit organization use strategic...

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