Solar Power Plant (50MW)

Site Selection Criteria
Please address these queries with respect to each technology

 Sun availability hours/day
 Sunrays concentration (Kwh/m2 )
 Land requirements with respect to plant capacity,specially for 50 MW
 Topographical requirements
 Water requirement
Technology Details

We would like to know answers of following questions according to each mentioned technology considering frequency 50 Hz
Large Photovoltaics

 What is each panel size, shape, Capacity/Rating and type of material
 How much power can be produced form each panel
 Battery Rating and broad specifications that should be capable of storing sufficient energy to be delivered to grid during night with respect to each panel
 Inverter specification (frequency & Voltampre rating)
 Periodic Maintenance & Overhaul requirements.
 Plant Availability factor
 Sun tracking mechanism details if any
 Budgetary Price (per MW)
 Efficiency

Solar Trough

 Length & width of each trough row
 Number of trough rows
 Trough material, absorber pipe material and related parts broad specifications
 Broad specifications of heat transporting fluid and reasons for selecting the given fluid
 Heat exchanger type and broad specifications
 Mechanism of additional fuel firing system in case of non availability of sun light
 Tracking mechanism details
 Periodic Maintenance & Overhaul requirements.
 Thermal and overall efficiency values during sunlight as well as during operating on alternative approach (i.e. fuel firing etc.)
 Fuel requirement and type of fuel (per KWh) during fuel firing operation
 Water quantity and quality for Steam generation & Cooling system
 Reliability factor and its dependence
 Can Supercritical and Ultra Supercritical units be used?
 Budgetary Price (per MW)

Solar Tower

 Each heliostat size and quantity of heliostats (per MW)
 Capacity of power generation of each tower
 Tower height,...

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