Non-Mainstream Science

Non-Mainstream Science

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"Such non-mainstream areas of inquiry as astrology, fortune-telling, and psychic and paranormal pursuits play a vital role in society by satisfying human needs that are not addressed by mainstream science."

I agree with the assertion that non-mainstream area such as astrology, fortune-telling, and psychic and paranormal pursuits play a vital role in society for they complete the blanks that are not addressed by mainstream science. But if we much too emphasize such area we risk misleading people to rely on unrealistic facts other than to strive for a better life.

Non-mainstream pursuits are indispensable for the reason that current scientific method could not illustrate the phenomena around people's daily life and laws about the whole universe. It is human nature to find out the "truth" about everything while mainstream science always turns people down in unobservable and paranormal problem such as destiny, fortune, talents and so forth. To the contrary, non-mainstream method satisfied our insatiable craving for this. Relied on invalid or even absurd facts and assumptions as it is, people still feel like believing it, and in advance, to work on it. After all, it is one of-sometimes even the only-possible illustration for an abstract phenomenon.

What is more, non-mainstream theory act as a dose of sedative when one encounters frustrations or falls into dilemma. As it known to all, frustrations, predicament together with fortune, chances could be found anywhere throughout the lifetime and if it is not because of the non-mainstream approaches people might have been more depressed and bewildered. For example, when one falls into a dilemma which impede him or her from making decision so that to change the embarrassed situation a fortune-teller is to be of great help regardless of what recommendation is given for it is better to do something than nothing under such circumstance. Likewise, ascribing failure to psychic things contributes to regain confidence. By...

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