Non Violence

Non Violence

It is impossible to begin this topic ‘non violence is a solution for many problems without expressing my deep appreciation to our SOCIAL SCIENCE TEACHER – MR KC SAHOO of class vii A for bestowing upon me and my dear friends of class vii A to give me such a great honor. Occasionally in life there are those moments of indefinable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meaning can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.

Violence, violence, violence. The world has full of violence but there is no space for non violence.

Today, in every country throughout the world, there are many children silently suffering the effects and consequences of violence.

This violence takes many different forms: between children on the streets, at school, in family life and in the community. There is physical violence, psychological violence, socio-economic violence, environmental violence and political violence. Many children - too many children - live in a "culture of violence".

We wish to contribute to reduce their suffering. We believe that each child can discover, by himself, that violence is not inevitable. We can offer hope, not only to the children of the world, but to all of humanity, by beginning to create, and build, a new Culture of Non-Violence.

I also want to say that non-violence be taught at every level in our societies during this decade, to make the children of the world aware of the real, practical meaning and benefits of non-violence in their daily lives, in order to reduce the violence, and consequent suffering, perpetrated against them and humanity in general.

Really, together, we can build a new culture of non-violence for the people in the world

The choice of nonviolence should not be left to chance. It must be integrated into every one’s life Gandhi explained that passing a resolution was not enough but each individual must put make it work by harnessing the...

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