None in Paradise

None in Paradise

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By: Jabbar Khan

The most fascinating feature of Paradise, to me, is peace and perfection. It is believed that this will be a world of no noise and nuisance, no conflicts and crimes, no war and worries, and no sadness and sorrows. There will be no frustration and bereavement and not even a single desire unsatisfied. A wish will be meant having something and there will be no need to work for getting money. Thus, this will be a money-free land with no scope for economic scientists, central banking and monetary policy. Simply, this will be a perfect capitalist world with no vacuum for any human hand.

If it is as true as believed by an outsized majority then, speaking honestly, there will be no US, in Paradise, to wipe out the Red Indians, to cause the downfall of the governments across the globe, to occupy Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, to campaign wars, to create, spread and then chase terrorism, to back Israel for killing innocent children in Palestine, to feed its yankees by selling weapons, and to divide the people to ‘take into custody’ the world resources.

There will be no Afghans to fight with one another, to keep resisting the foreign invaders, to become Talibans, and to be hired for spying and killing their own brothers for money. There will be no Pakistanis to keep waiting for a sincere and true leadership, to struggle for the right of voting for decades, to fear and die in suicide attacks, to have threats of the US Drones, to beg for electricity, petrol & gas, to seek justice and independence for Kashmiris, and to ask for its water from India. There will be no India as well to connive with Mr Mountbatten to deprive Pakistan of its territories, to occupy Kashmir, Deccan, Junagarh, to disturb the people and government of pretty island (Sri Lanka) by sponsoring Tamil fighters, to keep mopping up Sikhs, Christians and Muslims from the subcontinent, to found RAW for creating international terrorism, to violate UN resolutions...

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