Test 2 Review:

First Amendment Guarantees- Free Exercise & Establishment Clause

Establishment Clause- Congress shall make no law establishing religion (can not establish a religion / read bible in front of class)

Free Exercise Clause-

We have separation of church and state; we do not allow our religious laws to dictate our federal laws (Government and Religion are NOT one)

Madison = Architect of the Constitution
Roger Williams = Founder of the establishment clause

Can not read prayer book / bible in from of class because CMU is a STATE funded school, and you can not enforce one religion over another.

Amish came to Pennsylvania because a Quaker founded it
Quakers believe everyone has a divine life
Freedom of exercise allows them to not have to participate in military

“Given to Caesar is what is creasers; given to god is what’s gods”

Santeria? – Religion based off African Religion/beliefs. Marriage of 2 types of religion (roman catholic and west African)
They sacrificed animals- Florida did not like that and they made it so they must get permit
Santeria then sued them – they had the freedom of exercise

The manger scene on the court house lawn is seen as “unconstitutional” because it’s seen as the Government establishing a religion

Christmas is seen as a secular holiday
If you use a secular symbol within the scene (aka frosty / santa) it is ok

Freedom of Speech-
Patrick Henry- “I may not believe in what you are saying but I’ll fight for your right to say it”
Political speech receives the highest protection
Natzis able to promote theyre believfs because of the slippery slope document

** Combat bad speech with better speech!!

Why do we have weekends? Because of Union

Freedom of the Press

Near Vs. Minnesota
Near published terrible things about Jesus
Minnesota passed a law not allowing Near to publish
Near Called American Civil Liberal Group
Supreme Court said they can not take away freedom of press


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