I have to say something very important, but I can not tell you out loud because I fear that what they say does not make sense.

Nora, ...... many times to be away from here in the United States and Afghanistan, I feel sad because I'm alone, I have many friends but it can not fill a space that I have reserved for a special person .... months and years have passed, days and nights wishing, praying and calling and finally ask God when I am sending that special person that makes me feel as if you could completely fly, do extraordinary things and make sense of my life . in other words that make you feel special.

when he was in Afghanistan lot of times I felt nostalgic, a look at your photos .. gave me a reason why I keep pushing my work, make sense of what to, a motivation to my life, hope and peace.

All my life I've waited so long to feel well, I tried to find one person in every place and so far, at this time, only to realize that what I found was looking for 7 years in Peru. I did not marry because I have waited for an opportunity like this to tell you how I feel about you. hug you and I would feel in my soul and the only thing I ask of you is to accept the proposal to be ....... giving me the opportunity to show what I have reserved for you to ........ able to give you the best of my life .... I want one with an extraordinary person with your simplicity, your way of life .. you think about this proposal I have for you ..

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