North America Offers the Largest Market Share of Laboratory Automation

North America Offers the Largest Market Share of Laboratory Automation

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Laboratory automation is the usage of technology and equipment in laboratories to raise experimental data quality,
reduce lab process cycleand in diagnostics. Laboratory automation encompassesprocess, devices, technology and
software thatsupport automated workflow process in the laboratories and thus decrease manual steps and faults. It
allowstough and faster throughput and analysis of a large number of samples. Laboratory automation applied in
different areassuch as drug discovery and clinical testing. Laboratory robotics is the most widely known application
of laboratory automation technology. Generally, the field of automation comprises many different devices, software
processes, automated laboratory instruments and methodologies used to enable, accelerate and increase the
proficiency and effectiveness of laboratory scientific research in laboratories. A laboratory automation system can be
either an integrated system or standalone.
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Lab automation includes both hardware and software. Hardware Automation involves total automation system where
all the devices are combined and modular automation where few of the devices in the workflow are automatic.
Factors contributing the growth of lab automation market includes rise in diagnosis leading to work pressure,...

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