Northern Region

Northern Region

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Northern Region Marketing Plan – April to September 2010


Opportunities/challenges 2010-11
Description Knowledge of VM product offerings Mass Media License fee for store/trade promotions Stock availability on the trade is high at face value Super dealers operating Revenue potential Coverage Urban Areas High Effective Expensive High >3 High Small gaps Rural Areas Low Not effective Free Low 1 or 2 Low Low


Action Plan
Improve product offering awareness i. Perform eight promotions/month, four on zona tudobom and Afrikings to educate potential subscribers on cost effective ways to use the service/equipment. ii. Use community radios and local languages in rural areas – sent list of radios per location and languages to marketing. iii. Sign “Memorando de entendimento” with Nampula Municipality to reduce cash payment for license fees by sponsoring the Nampula day festivities and CSI projects for the municipality. This will be finalized by end of April. iv. Promotions when launching new coverage, next six months four new coverage areas were official launch will involve local leaders.  Stock availability on the trade at face value i. ii. Set target per super dealers per area (Loja Vodacom) (table 1). Afrikings to service the trade directly were availability is low, have identified four locations that they have to concentrate their efforts. iii.  On new coverage areas super dealers to have permanent presence.

Marketing activities i. Promotions to launch new coverage with local government officials, community leaders and business. 1

ii. iii.

Corporate cocktail for the official launch of 3G Network. Photo expo “comemorando a independencia”, invite corporate and government officials in June.


Sponsor city days for Nampula (included in the “memorando de entendimento”) and Namialo.


Between 10 -14 May the President of Mozambique will be visiting Nampula, in particular Erati (Namapa), negotiating with Nampula Governor to include...

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