NorthStar Anesthesia Marketing Plan

NorthStar Anesthesia Marketing Plan

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NorthStar Anesthesia Marketing Plan

1.0 Executive Summary

Here at NorthStar Anesthesia we provide quality patient centered anesthesia care. Our unique model not only focuses on the patient, it also includes the hospital administrators, the operating room staff members, the surgeons and each other. Our goal is to assist the hospital in every way possible to meet its needs by way of collective problem solving. This marketing plan is to lay out a strategy for market penetration into the state of Massachusetts and Connecticut. There is a group of 5 hospitals under the name of Western County Medical Center (WCMC). One facility is located in Natick, MA, Framingham, MA, Worcester, MA and Putnam, CT. WCMC is looking for a collaborative anesthesia group willing to get involved in improving the efficiency of the patient’s peri-operative process and make it a meaningful experience. Our company is uniquely capable of providing this type of service. Because we are Texas based company, we have to recognize that the two states are not homogenous by way of insurance reimbursement and statutory and regulatory framework. They are both vastly different from how things are structured in Texas. Understanding this is essential to our success in Massachusetts and Connecticut as we decide on our approach. What we must begin to think about as we continue to expand our market nationally, is how to rectify the issues that stand in the way of us being the most profitable. WCMC is looking to go a different direction and would like to part ways with their current anesthesia service provider.

2.0 Situational Analysis

2.1 Situation Analysis

2.1.1 Market Demographics
As the Baby Boom generation reaching 65 and over, the Medicare age, they are also reaching the time in their lives that they will require additional medical care. Advances in medical technology result in longer life expectancy, even for...

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