Norwegian Air Worksheet

Norwegian Air Worksheet

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Norwegian Air Worksheet

Provide a 150- to 200-word response for each of the following. Include references where appropriate.

1. Explain the biggest challenges Norwegian Air experienced in trying to expand its airline across the globe.

The biggest challenge that Norwegian Air faced was global expansion as they received objection from major U.S. airlines. These U.S. airlines were requesting that the federal government reject any application by Norwegian as they feared that Norwegian would initiate a war of unfair travel prices (Kinicki & Williams, 2015). Not only was rejection from U.S. airlines an issue but there were also complications with the aircrafts being used. Kjos planes were burning way too much gas and the prices of gas were increasing at a rapid rate. In just a matter of five year gas had increased from $25 per barrel to $75 per barrel in the early 2000’s (Kinicki & Williams, 2015). This posed a problem and Kjos sought a solution of purchasing Dreamliner’s, which were much wider and more fuel efficient which allows for lower fair. Although this may be the case, the Dreamliner’s also come with complications. These jets were ordered to no longer be delivered by Boeing per the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration as they were known to catch fire via their lithium batteries. Despite the several challenges Norwegian faces Kjos continues to purchase Dreamliner’s as additions to his airline (Kinicki & Williams, 2015).

2. Identify examples of ethnocentric, polycentric, or geocentric attitudes in this case. Explain why your selected examples illustrate these attitudes.

Based on the provided text Kjos uses an ethnocentric attitude in running his airline. He insists that he Use Dreamliner planes in outside regions which enables him to hire workers from Thailand and other countries on a non-union basis allowing or lower pay. Because of this view and the fear of current employees becoming unemployed, this...

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