Not all small oil mill can call flow oil press

Not all small oil mill can call flow oil press

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For recently crazy oil vendors would claim they flow production automatic oil press, we need to focus on prompt consumers and the broad masses of farmers to identify oil factory and oil press, distinguish which is the real flow oil mill and small oil press.

Important one oil vendors would mark the first oil mill price, there are shandong oil factory production flow of oil mill production only 30 jins, sunflower oil extraction ( price a little more in the 7000-7000, this kind of oil press equipment size is similar to our products but there is much difference of exploding, 45, 60 to buy this kind of situation is very serious, even some direct take 30, 60, raw material squeeze 15 pounds per hour.Oil press price may be more than 5000 points, the oil vendors would also claims to be flow of small oil mill, and two small oil mill, but if the flow of a qualified small oil press.

Not change a single electric motor can call flow of small oil mill, also is not to do a small oil mill equipment volume a little can call flow of small oil mill, more not change a little point in the pressing chamber can call flow of small oil mill.This is a very serious topic, the first premise and power flow must have small problem, moreover is the production, it must be especially on small production is not little also, our machinery sunflower oil press machine equipment ( co., LTD. Zhengzhou penguins production flow of oil press is adequate 60 type automatic small oil mill, it can output per hour in 100-120 jins, especially squeezing can achieve greater amount of flax.So I know these will know not all the small oil mill have the elements of floating oil press.

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