Notes from Reading

Notes from Reading

Notes from: Andrea L Foster. The Chronicle of Higher Education

1. Article about using technology (Internet and online card catalog) for academic research.
2. College students are technology whizzes except when it comes to academic research
3. Students rely on Google and Wikipedia instead of peer-reviewed scholarship????
4. Librarians say in1996 there were 10,000 scholarly databases online; now they exceed 18,000 (article date 2007).
5. 18,000 web sites in 1995. 100 million 2007
6. Two online academic-oriented encyclopedias. Citizendium and Scholarpedia inspired by the success of Wikipedia
7. ??? To encourage students to use scholarly material, professors at Cal State's Fullerton campus often send their students to a computer lab, where a librarian shows them how to navigate the university's online catalog of databases, scholarly books, and journals to do research in a particular discipline ????
8. That kind of instruction is occurring at colleges all over the country as part of "information literacy," a growing librarian-led movement to make students more adept at locating and evaluating electronic data.
9. Accrediting agencies are now considering information-literacy programs as measures of an institution's performance

10. Many colleges have since interpreted information-literacy instruction to mean anything connected to research, including how to avoid plagiarizing, respect copyrights, and understand footnotes.

11. The Association of College & Research Libraries surveyed academic libraries in 1994 and 1995 and found that 22 percent ran some kind of information-literacy program. Now nearly every college library has a staff member charged with integrating information literacy into the curriculum, said Mary Jane Petrowski, associate director of the library group...

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