Notes on Swan Lake

Notes on Swan Lake
SWAN LAKE FACTS: Being the most widely performed ballet in the world, Swan Lake is incredibly popular.

It was first shown by Pyotr Tchaikovsky in 1875, although it is presented in many different versions, most ballet companies base the choreography and music of their staging’s on the 1895 revival of Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov
Throughout the entire performance, costumes helped to create the traditional aspect of the story. They consisted of dress like tutus and Pointe shoes for females and tights for the males. During the production the dancers stay in these traditional costumes, never giving away the era in which it was actually made. The movement elements are also apparent in Yuri Grigorovich’s aim to tell the story. He enhances the traditional aspect of the ballet by using classical ballet movements in his choreography. His use of space, dynamics and choreography only accents the performance. From start to finish the movements are romantic and flowing.
For example, in act one which took place in the palace gardens, the Prince’s maids, butlers and guests perform as the Prince arrives. The backdrop sets the scene; it consists of a large gazebo covered area, with a tiled floor. Their movement incorporate many pirouettes, circles and partner work which is traditional in all ballroom scenes. In this act the Princes court jester performs a solo; his movements consist of changements, soubresauts and sautés. He is dressed in a red and black checked shirt and tights, complete with a jester hat, this along with the choreography, shows his jubilant personality and eagerness to entertain the guests.
Matthew Bourne: he ballet is based loosely on the Russian romantic ballet Swan Lake, from which it takes the music by Tchaikovsky and the broad outline of the plot. The ballet is...

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