What does ISIS want

ISIS wants to create a global establishment of a single, global state under its interpretation of Islamic rule.

eradication of the borders of Iraq and Syria and would like to do the same elsewhere.

Isis wants all Muslims to declare allegiance to its caliphate and the caliphate to rule all the world.

Its first goal would be to control as much of the Middle East as physically possible. This would provide it with legitimacy and give it more credence in the eyes of its followers.

The second goal would be to carry off a spectacular attack against the West. A 9/11-esque attack would once and for all place Isis on the top of the 'terrorist pyramid' and for it and its followers signal the death knell for al-Qaeda.

To reach a generation of young Muslims

Shown. Through Al Ayat

Part of creating the caliphate, for ISIS, means eradicating everyone who does not adhere to their rule of “convert or die.” Although ISIS has still managed to execute hundreds from the Yazidi minority in Iraq, the U.S. airstrikes have helped free many Kurds from a death at ISIS’ hands. In Syria, ISIS has made huge gains in eradicating those they call "infidels" this week. Since last Wednesday, the group seized Turkman Bareh, Akhtarin, Dabiq, al Masoudia and al Ghouz in northern Syria, close to Aleppo. Meanwhile, the Islamic State killed 700 members of the al-Sheitaat tribe in eastern Syria on Saturday.

How can we stop ISIs

The war on terror has been a disaster. Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya lie in ruins and instability has spread throughout the Middle East and beyond. It is in fact the resulting state failure, militarisation of whole societies, and anger against the west that have created the conditions in which Isis and other jihadi groups have been able to thrive.

So no bombs

This is not only morally right, but would also help to undermine the ideological basis of Isis and other terrorist groups. And a Middle East war crimes tribunal, with a...

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