The advertisements I chose are both for very similar products. They both are trying to sell different brands of light beer. One is for corona light and one is for miller light. Although the products are almost the same the commercials are completely different.

The corona commercial depicts a bottle of corona light sitting on a wooden table. The table is on a tropical secluded beach on an island somewhere. It is a perfect beach on a perfect day with crystal clear water. There are no actors or voices in the commercial, just the sound of waves hitting the powdery white sand. It says “the only light beer that is also a corona” across the middle of the screen. It is very short and simple. The corona add can be seen at

The miller light commercial is completely different. It is a group of men at a secret meeting. The men are all of different ages and races but they all are drinking cans of miller light. They are discussing something to do with men and beer and in the end decide to make crushing cans against your head against the rules. They decide to make it a “man law”. This commercial can be seen at

1. I chose these adds because they both advertise for the same kinds of things but are very different.
2. They raise the question “are you going to buy this product?” They also make you ask yourself “what about this add makes me want to buy this product?”
3. I can explore the effectiveness of a short, to the point commercial against a longer, more elaborate, more complex type of commercial.
4.Each add targets people over the age of 21. The corona could be targeted to hard working people that just want to get away. It really is so simple that anyone could be attracted to it. The miller commercial directly targets men. It uses the man law and the unification of all men under one law involving their beer.
5. The corona commercial shows one frame of a...

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