Hamlet Test

I. Matching: Darken the appropriate letter(s) on your answer document. Some answers will be used more than once.

A. Hamlet
B. Claudius
C. Polonius
D. Laertes
E. Horatio
AB. Marcellus
AC. Fortinbras
AD. Gertrude
AE. Ophelia
BC. Denmark (the country)
BD. Norway
BE. Elsinore
CD. King Hamlet (Ghost)
CE. Voltemand and Cornelius
DE. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

1. Married too soon after her husband’s death

2. Known for his long speeches which, ultimately, show him to be foolish

3. Captured by a pirate ship

4. Dies by drowning

5. Returns to France in Act I

6. Carry letters ordering their own death when they arrive in England

7. Liked to gather and give flowers to the people of the Court

8. Country where the play takes place

9. Opens a letter not addressed to him on a ship

10. First person brought by the guards to witness the existence of the Ghost

11. Once rode on the back of Yorick, the king’s jester

12. “Pretends” to be crazy in order to spy more effectively

13. Sent a servant to spy on Laertes in Paris

14. Carries on a battle with Poland during the play

15. Says Hamlet’s madness’ roots lie in unrequited love

16. Tries with disastrous results to return some love “remembrances”

17. Given a hasty funeral instead of a state funeral more fitting to his nobility

18. “Seeming” friends who are “hoisted” with their own “petar” by Hamlet

19. Her eyes have been turned into her “very soul” where she sees “black and grain(d spots”

20. Sings bits of old bar tunes, some of which are quite vulgar

21. The mob who break down the castle door call for him to be king

22. Receives a letter from Hamlet, telling of adventures he had at sea, and letters to the king

23. Bought an unction of a mountebank which he hopes to use nefariously

24. Goes totally—truly—mad at the death of a parent


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