Nscfl Camp

Nscfl Camp

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Congratulations! You are registered for the NSCFL Camp 2008. As part of your personal preparation for camp read this letter carefully. The NSCFL Camp is a work camp. ‘Tourists’ (those who just want fun without doing any work) would be disappointed. The following information will give you an idea of what we as organizers are expecting from you and what you can expect from the camp. You are also strongly encouraged to have a good lunch before you leave on the 17/11 because your next meal will be dinner served at 6.30pm.
The camp’s purpose is three-fold to help you grow and develop:
• Head…growing in your knowledge and understanding of Scripture.
• Heart…growing in your love and commitment to God and also in reaching out to others.
• Hands…developing your skills and abilities empowered by the Holy Spirit.
The NSCFL Camp 2008 seeks to provide an environment where you, the camper will learn to see the importance of not only developing your leadership skills but also your character in the imitation of Christ. The theme ‘Living stones in a broken world…’ seek to challenge and spur your potential as to how you can continue to build your lives on God in a holistic way (head, heart and hands) and see how you can continue to live out your faith realistically not only for the short term context of the CF/YF but beyond.
Keep in mind that this is a training camp; therefore your PARTICIPATION and RESPONSE are the main features of this camp. As campers you are expected to express the right attitude as you learn together with others in the temporal community at camp. The Bible lessons and interactive learning dynamics are vehicles to help you get to the destination.

There are five ways you can make this happen:
1. Punctuality
For those traveling by bus with us, the first program is actually departure from the SU office. The bus will leave SU office promptly at 1pm...

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