November 25, 2013
This day we talk about the what is a different of a “leader and leadership” . During the discussion , our Prof. Virgel Pinlac asked , what did I think from our mind if we hear the word “Leader” and he having a activities from the topic. Even I know what and who are the leader and how to be a good leader the discussion I refresh it to me, because in last few year have a ideas about this .that all can be a leader and to be a good leader you need also to be a good follower.

December 2, 2013
This day we started to clean and cultivate our plot to be continued what we having taking last semester. We disengaged all the nursery that can’t used , we dig as possible deep used in our plot and remove all things that can affects an irregular growth of our plant.

December 9, 2013
Today we continued to cleaning and improve the area where the GLP students will do their planting, In our Prof. divided the area into small plot they will used by group and ask each group to choose where do should to plant. As we choose a specific area, we removes the things unarranged in our plot.

December 16, 2013
This day we continue to improve our area, our Prof. said that we need to put hallow blocks at the side area of the plot and make sure that the soil is in tack to the inner portion. When we finish aligning the hallow blocks, we mix some finer and good kind of soil to the plot and balance the level of soil.

January 6, 2014
Have good day ! first class in a new year. Today, we started to transplant some seedlings to our plot. During transferring the seedlings our Prof. give sufficient tips what is the proper way of transferring a seedling into a more big plot. how reach deep we need to dig for planting , how capacity fertilizer we need to put and especially the right water is needed for a starting seed.

January 13, 2014
This week we continued to maintain the soil wet and remove those grasses that can affect or steal the nutrient for our...