nt1110 Unit 10 Analysis: Repair Shop

nt1110 Unit 10 Analysis: Repair Shop

NT 1110
Unit 10 Analysis: Repair Shop

The pros are:
• The users personal files will be saved
• The user will have a fresh start and a chance to take preventative measures to avoid future problems
• All of the users data will be backed up

The cons are:
• The user may have to pay to reinstall certain programs
• The user will have to reinstall old programs

The user with the new computer will not likely be affected as much as the user who has ran their computer for several years. The new user will not have accumulated many personal files or documents and most of the data will consist of factory programs and settings. Recent cache memory should be the only noticeable effect.

The user with several years of use of his computer would be ore affected as over the years, he/she may have accumulated many personal files, documents and applications. Of course all of his personal data should be backed up by the computer shop and placed on a CD for later installation, however many programs and applications will be affected. Any changes or personalization’s made to the programs and applications will be lost as they will have to be reinstalled as new applications. The user may also have to pay for some of the applications again.

The user who mostly browses the internet and uses email will more than likely only have accumulated cache memory as opposed to the business professional who may have stored important documents and programs on his computer. The email will not be affected as the data is all stored remotely by the email server.

The business professional may have stored files relating to his/her business and may not have copies of these files. Therefore the process would be high risk. This user may also have work related programs and applications that would have to be reinstalled to the computer. This could all greatly impact business.

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