Nt1310 Unit 1 Graded

Nt1310 Unit 1 Graded

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Activity 1
Cell phones – originally these used voice networks. More recently they use voice and data networks.
Landline phones – use both voice and data networks.
SMS / Text Messaging – uses both voice and data networks
Fax Machines – use data networks
Pagers – the type of network depends on the type of pager, Fire Dept. pagers use a voice network where other types of pagers would use data networks.
VOIP phones – use data networks
Skype / Facetime - use data networks

Activity 2
How does the data in an online game get sent from your computer or gaming system to the computer gaming system of all the people you are playing with?
The data from an online game is sent to other players via the internet. When you play the game you connect to the internet via the router in your home. That data is transmitted to your local internet service provider. The data is then sent to the games host server and then transmitted to the internet provider of the other players that are logged into the game server and forwarded to the internet provider of the other players and then on to the player’s system.

Lab Portion
Pros and cons of a purely fixed line network vs. having a purely cellular network.
Fixed Line Network
Cellular Network
Super cheap
Take your wherever you go
High download allowances 
Stop paying for line rental
Faster speeds
Plug and play technology
Consistent connection
Flexible options available
Fixed to one place 
Low download limits
Line rental costs 
High costs for exceeding your limit 
Switching problems 
Slower connections
Technical difficulties 
Patchy Coverage
It would be my recommendation for a new company offering a “Skype” – style service to use a combination of fixed line and cellular networking. By doing so it would eliminate the disadvantage of the fixed line being fixed to one place, eliminate line rental costs and reduce technical...

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